AFLY Aeromedical Center

Training and Courses

Cabin crew.
Medical Officers.
● psychologists.
● Aviation/government organizations.
● Universities: undergraduates/postgraduates.

Topics Related
● Human performance and limitations.
Aviation Physiology.
● Human Factor.
In-flight emergencies.
Aircraft Accident and incident investigations.

Behavioral (Mental) Health Services (co-conduct with Mindcraft Ventures)

● Consultations.
● Group-based training program.
● Crisis/challenging Incidents training.
● Talks.
● Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Airline/Aviation Medical Services

Aircrew medical licensing.
Aviation Medicine Advisory Services:
  o Flight crew fitness for duty.
  o Management of temporary and long-term unfitness.
  o Return to work assessment.
Aviation Occupational Health.
Employee Wellness program.
Passenger Health.

Air Medevac

Occupational Health

Pre-employment Medical Screening.
● Periodic Medical Examination.
● Alcohol and drug testing program.
● Occupational Noise exposure.
● Medical surveillance program.
● Ergonomic, rehabilitation and reconditioning.
● Fatigue management program.

Health and Wellness

Weight Management.
Women’s Health.
Medical Screening.
Stress test.


SpineFit program.
KneeFit program.
DzarFit program.

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